Blue Spark Digital USB Microphone Review

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Blue Spark Digital USB Microphone Review

by Tomi
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Blue microphones have been enjoying the success of creating microphones that gives great performance and also prove their USPs’ right every time.  The last Blue Microphones product we reviewed was the Mikey Digital which was made for iPhone users to be able to record better audio on the move.  The Blue Spark Digital is a solidly built USB microphone that combines style, connectivity options and mobility for users in one place.

Unboxing and Over video of the Blue Spark Digital USB Microphone

The Spark Digital is designed to allow users to take the restrictions away from where they record their sound, be it a music artist, podcaster or even someone who just makes YouTube videos just to name a few.  It is portable, solid and gives all the options you might need.  When we review products we look at some of the names stamped on the product such as portable then see if they have included the correct accessories to go with the features named, so we take a look and inside the packaging is a carry pouch, in fact a very well padded one and stylish for that matter for added bonus.  Everything about the Spark Digital so far simply spells premium.


The Spark Digital stands out from when you take it out from the box, you will notice the weight first because it is built using metal enclosures and the buttons creates added effect to the styling; you can place it on the shock mount which is also made of solid metal for best stability.

The shock mount has two knobs holding the microphone in place on both side and it sits on a trampoline looking bouncy shock mount to help avoid the unwarranted knocks during recording your hooks.


You can connect the Spark digital via 30 pin iPhone connector provided and we tested it with the lighting connector which also worked perfectly fine, in fact the review was mainly performed using and iPhone to capture sounds.  When recording it is best to tune the gain control accordingly to match your environment and also use the focus to get the best sound to suit what type of sound you are recording so if you are recording more than one person you can simple leave the focus off otherwise turn it on so that it focuses on your sound.

There’s no XLR output, which means you can’t send analogue audio to a mixing desk or audio production sound card, so using the USB connection you can still capture sound directly to your sound software.  The cable also comes with a connector for headphones, a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring sound you are recording or once recored you can listen to the playback and using the gain control knob to control volume up or down. Generally the sound was not as loud as recording directly from the camera used, but it was clearer and sounded a lot more natural with less surround sound and ambience noise.

Just to show you the sound quality, below is a test performed:


The Spark Digital is a really solidly built device that does exactly what it says on the tin and will definitely help improve sound quality for both professionals and amateurs.  It offers easy dismantling option for easy carriage around when there is need to record on the move; the option to record straight to your iPhone or iPad means you can simply record on the move and easily send the audio file to someone in a different location to patch together perhaps for a record.

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Nice one, must try to get myself a good mic, would probs be the Zoom H1 due to using it via USB and out and about :)