Review: Adonit Writer Plus Keyboard Case for iPad

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Weight: 348g
Height: N/A
Battery Included: Built in
In the Box: See video.


Multifunctional, solid build and long battery life.


Price may be too much for some, but you are getting a case and a keyboard.

Review: Adonit Writer Plus Keyboard Case for iPad

by Tomi
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“Glass is not for typing”, they are absolutely correct. Typing long documents or notes on a glass can be very difficult and after prolonged use, you might find that your fingertips starts to feel the hard work. Adonit Writer plus keyboard folio case for the iPad is a case that does not only protect your iPad, but also comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to get the best productivity out of your iPad.

Unboxing and First Look Video

From the packaging to the build of the product, you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design of the Write plus. It has all the cut outs that you would need, like the camera, volume rocker, power button, the headphone port etc, so none of those functions would ever be compromised.

The placement of the keyboard also makes it easy to adjust the angle of the iPad once it’s placed inside. Inserting your iPad is ever so easy, please note that the iPad slot is only compatible with iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 but if you have the older iPad or any other iPad variants, you can detach the detachable keyboard with those using the Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard surprisingly doesn’t over add extra bulk to the iPad and baring in mind you are carrying a keyboard the weight is also decent which is good for mobility which again means you do not need to compromise what the iPad 2 or new iPad 3 is about, light and thin. The keyboard is housed in a solid aluminium casing which gives that executive feel for the case. The soft padding on the inside also keeps the iPad scratch free.

Big advantage also is the fact that the battery would last up to two weeks after full charge; you do not need to worry about buying a battery every time it runs out of juice, you can simply charge it via the provided micro USB cable provided in the packaging and any USB power slot or if you also own a Blackberry device or recent Android smart phone, you probably own a microUSB charger also which you can also use.


The Adonit Writer Plus Keyboard Case for iPad is available for £59.99 from ExecSpot in red, black or blue.

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