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Essential for MacBook and iPad owners. Very functional and fit for purpose.


Looks chunky once attached to magsafe.

TwelveSouth PlugBug World, is the new and improved version of the original PlugBug, apart from been able to charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and iOS device.

by Tomi
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There are so many accessories out there for the Apple MacBook, iPad and iPhone but not all of them are functional and serve a great deal of purpose to make them a must have item.  Traveling frequently over the years, carrying so many plugs and chargers is one of those things that becomes irritating and always leaves me wanting for someone to create something to solve some of the problems.  Not only do I need to carry separate chargers, I also need international plug adapters since we all use different outlets around the world; in some cases where I have left it till last minute, I have ended up spending airport price.

TwelveSouth PlugBug World is the new iteration of the previous PlugBug, but now with the addition of world outlet adaptors meaning you can simply take it around the world and you are sorted. The plug itself can replace your magsafe 2 charging cable and also replace your iPad plug and better yet, it charges the iPad Mini 2 x faster the speed of the manufacturer’s charger.

Unboxing and First Look video of the TwelveSouth PlugBug World

In the video above, you get a clear representation of what the PlugBug looks like, packaged in a nice presentable packaging and easy to get into.  Once unboxed you have the Plug and various charging tips for use in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and many other places can use PlugBug World to charge their MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time using one electrical outlet.

The bright red colour for me is a good feature, makes it useful in accident prone areas, so many times I have seen people plug their chargers in airport lounges and it can easily be unnoticeable and someone who is accident prone could trip over it, making it bright red makes it stand out.  TwelveSouth also designed the PlugBug so that it can be used as a stand-alone charger for your iPhone or iPad, you do not have to plug in the magsafe in order to use it completely.

More information about TwelveSouth PlugBug World can be found here

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