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Introducing Kuvva for iPhone. Kuvva is the tailor for your digital life. Kuvva allows you to pull imagery towards you from the designers, brands, artists.

by Osama Rahman
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If you are like me then you will no doubt have a passion for design and somewhat of an slight addiction to beautiful desktop wallpapers. There are a lot of wallpaper apps and websites out there however a lot of them tend to have somewhat of a generic collection and it can be quite tedious to shift through thousands of images to find that perfect picture that you’re looking for. This is where Kuvva comes in, it is a Mac and an iOS app built for the sole purpose to provide the user with nothing but stunning works of art to use on their iPhones or Macs. The Mac app is free while the iOS app costs £1.49.

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Kuvva has various features such as the weekly ‘featured artist’ feature on which some of the best art work can be found, or the feature which allows how often your wallpaper changes, which of course is only available on the Mac version. The Mac app also allows the user to position a menu either in the dock or in the menu bar, which allows the user to change their current wallpaper, change the wallpaper stream, tweet the wallpaper, add the wallpaper to their favorites and also read up about the artist who made the wallpaper. Personally I prefer having it in the menu bar as it seems more practical. Favouriting wallpapers allows you to build up a collection which you can revisit if you want to change your wallpaper.

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The iOS app itself is has a good looking and minimalist UI which is easy to navigate. While you can’t refresh wallpapers automatically or set them with a few clicks the iOS app does allow the user to log in using the same account so favourited wallpapers can still be set and wallpapers can still be favourited. You are also able to view the profiles of Artists directly on the iOS app, whereas the Mac app opens a webpage in your preferred browser.


My personal verdict is that Kuvva is a great app, especially for the Mac. However the £1.49 price tag for the iOS app is a bit questionable. We would love to hear what you think about Kuvva so please feel free to voice your opinions in the comment box below.

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