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Great transitions, which make you feel like you are actually using a real book to write in, without all the messy ink.


The lack of tools, which can sometimes disappear and are quite hard to get back up, especially if you are using a case.

The app “Paper” by FiftyThree was earlier announced as the app of the year 2012 and this is no surprise. The app is a combination of the simplicity of free-hand drawing and technology.

by Billy Noyes
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The app “Paper” by FiftyThree was earlier announced as the app of the year 2012 and this is no surprise. The app is a combination of the simplicity of free-hand drawing and technology. This app combined with a nice touch screen stylus, will allow for all the note taking and sketching, you do in your day to day life.


Upon the first time booting the app, you are greeted with a welcome screen which teaches you all about the app and how to get the most out of it. It gives you a tour of the interface and shows you what tools work best depending on whether you want to write a few notes or draw a masterpiece.


After you have looked through the welcome screen, you will see the books in your library, one of these books, is full of drawings and notes which FiftyThree have put there, to show you what you can achieve with this app, the other two are yours to fill with wonderful and creative ideas.

First Book

If you ever feel that the books are too bland and do not express your inner creative side, you can change the colour scheme of the book and also change the cover to any photo either in your “Photos” or you can take one with either camera on your iPad. You can also add more pages to a book or even add a new book into the library.

When you are scrolling through the pages in one of your books, it is hard not to notice the transition, which makes it feel like you are flicking through an actual book.

Despite the app being free on the app store, you quickly begin to notice that you are limited to the things you can do in the app because of the lack of tools which you are given, however you can always purchase more tools just by clicking on them at the bottom of the screen. The tools come in at around £1.50 a tool and this can start to add up after a while of purchasing them.


Overall “Paper” is a great app for day to day life and has a lot of benefits over using the traditional method of writing notes in a book. Download the app “Paper” for iPad here

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