Pioneer Wireless Sound System XW-SMA1-K Review

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Size: W x H x D : 12.5” by 7” by 5” Weight: 2.3kg
Audio Formats: AirPlay, Wireless Direct, HTC Connect, DLNA, AUX-in, USB
Other: N/A


Good sound quality and good connectivity options.


Price is hefty but your are paying for a durable product from a known brand.

Pioneer Wireless Sound System XW-SMA1-K Review: No more speaker cables, no more clutter, no more hours spent setting up. Just stunning quality sound streamed to every corner of your pad from your mobile device or networked PC or Mac.

by Tomi
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Anyone would assume that buying a wireless sound system should be easy, you simply walk in the shop or look online with no homework done and simply swipe away your hard earned cash; the issue with that scenario is that a lot of consumers or buyers end up buying a product that is not an all round sound product.  Some product does not last long, some have poor sound quality and some may even limit the use of it to Bluetooth connectivity with inferior Bluetooth protocols or structure.  When it comes to sound systems, Pioneer is not just a name that is slapped on a box with speakers for example nowadays, just because your car has a BMW badge does not make it superior when compared to a Honda Civic.

Pioneer are truly pioneers in their industry and the XW-SMA1-K is another iteration that just proves that.  Before we get carried away with all the praises, take a look at what you get in the box and a quick audio test:

 Pioneer Wireless Sound System XW-SMA1-K Unboxing and First Look Video

The design is very simple; you have a glossy black sound system that is about 12.5″ by 7″ by 5″ in size, portable enough to sit on any surface in any part of the house or office as you see fit, the main thing is no matter where it is placed, it will look the part rather than looking out of place.  Under the front grille Pioneer placed discreetly, four buttons for power, volume and button for changing input options; to the left are the three indicator lights.

Included in the packaging is an infrared remote control for convenience and to compliment the simplistic look of the XW-SMA1-K, the control is also simple and easy to use, buttons on the remote control includes the power button, play/pause, input, track skipping buttons and the volume up and down buttons.

Turning the audio device around, there is a one touch configuration button for wireless connectivity which is great, it means anyone can get it up and running in no time, no college degree needed.  You also have the Ethernet port for Direct internet connection, a USB port for charging devices that are compatible and to the other side is the DC port and the Aux in for devices that doesn’t support wireless connectivity.   In case you do not notice, there is a wireless antenna sticking out on the top right corner at the back and that enables wireless direct technology meaning it has its own wireless spot and you can connect without the need for a wireless router.  For full portability of the Pioneer audio device, there is also a hand grip port to make it easy to carry around.

Functionality and usage

With two 3″ Mi-Range, 1″ Tweeter and the Bass-Reflex port positioned at the front, it was no surprise to hear some high quality sound coming out of it.  The only issues we had was when we were setting up the connection to our iPhone 5, the one touch connection button was not as simple as it sounds; unlike Bluetooth wireless speakers where you know to press and hold till its flashing and hit connect button, it was no that straight forward and the manual was consulted to get it up and running.

Once it was up and running it was ever so easy to connect and go; when streaming to the speaker over Airplay or Wireless direct, there were some delay or lag between device and sound sent to it but not heavily noticeable to put anyone off.  The quality of sound had not compromise and thanks to the options available you can connect either via Wireless Direct, Airplay  or if you own a HTC One X  for example you can stream music via HTC Connect.


Apart from the hiccup of getting it setup, it performed very well and truly showed another great quality if been a Pioneer product tuned by their Chief Speaker Engineer to give it the best sound performance possible.  You have other options for connectivity so you are never lacking in that areas although for portability it would be nice to have a rechargeable battery functionality included so you can use the hand grip to carry it around although you could spend extra and get the SMA3-K with rechargeable battery and splash proof technology or if you are more of a Bass freak, you can go for the SMA4-K with a Subwoofer.

Pricing and Availability

At the time of this review, the SMA1-K is available from Currys in the UK for around £199.99


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