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Size: Height 160mm
Audio Formats: Bluetooth and Aux
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Great sound quality with DSP. Portable size and carrying pouch for your travels.


Battery life is not the best.

Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled loudspeaker featuring true JBL sound and a built-in microphone.

by Tomi
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Anyone who’s heard of JBL would know that they are popular with sound systems and you will most likely find a JBL sound system in most shopping malls or retailers who can afford it. I have used their sound system in my car in the past so I was very intrigued as to what to expect from the JBL Flip. What makes a good portable wireless speaker for me is sound quality, portability, battery life and MUST have is a carry case for maximum portability.

The JBL Flip is unique, it is very well built, has good sound quality and the design is nothing to be shy of, in fact I took it everywhere with me since you can still play music through the case that is included. Before I give it all away in second paragraph, it’s worth watch the video below of the unboxing and first look, it also includes a sound test:

Unboxing and First Look of the JBL Flip:

So in the nicely packaged box, you get all the essentials like the charger, the carrying pouch which is also made of a material useful for when you travel to hot countries in that it will not stretch or expand out of shape in high or low temperature.

carry case


Some of the main features includes:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth-enabled to Wirelessly connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more
  • Built-in mic for hands-free calls, Skype and FaceTime
  • Dual drivers and DSP


The deign is very simplistic, there are just 4 buttons if you separate the volume rocker buttons and one of the button is to power it on and also put the device into pairing mode. The call button is useful for making and ending phone calls without reaching for your phone. The volume key did not control the volume on the iPhone 5 so its almost like its own stand alone device so you will have to turn up the volume both on your iPhone and the JBL Flip also. The Flip can also be purchased in White and we reviewed the Black version.


The battery only lasted less than half a day although included is a charger to recharge it up or if possible use it whilst its plugged it, that was a little let down for me as if I went on the beach all day, it will not last me the whole time. The DSP does shine through as you push the volume up, you suddenly forget that the sound is coming from the corner of the room. Sound was clear and no crackling or interference around devices; using it for phone calls also proved to be good meaning you can even use it for conference calls if you like, both parties could hear voices clearly.


Overall impression is that it is a nicely built device that does not compromise on sound quality; the only thing that lets it down for me is the battery life and for the price you pay you can probably get a different device with longer battery life, however if you want a speaker gadget from a reliable company who has been doing it for a long time then JBL Flip is the one.

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