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Great price, Great design and offers great sound quality it is almost hard to believe they cost less than £25


No carry bag, No memory foam.

KitSound DJ Headphones out as the budget price headphones against rivals with retail prices of up to £900!

by Tomi
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I am a big fan of using headphones especially when they offer excellent sound quality, mobility and good size with comfort. however the problem here is that when looking for headphones with those criteria in mind, you will find they are quite expensive and if you go for the likes of Beats by Dre, you are in for a shocker, you will have to shed out at least £120 to get one.

Kitsound offers a pair of headphones that offers excellent sound quality and you will never guess that it costs less than £25 to purchase; when I received the press release for the DJ headphones, I was quite shocked and became highly curious to extent I got one in for review.  The budget DJ headphones is stylish, comfortable, and offers great audio quality.  In the package you also get the 6.3mm adaptor to use for DJing and you can simply unscrew it to have the 3.5mm jack for use with iPod, iPhone or any Mp3 player with 3.5mm output.

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The DJ headphone in this review is the white version, however it is also available in black; the 50mm drivers delivered great sound and the swivel ear ups, adjustable headband makes it ever so easy to use and makes it suitable for all head sizes.  The fold away system is also very important for packing away in a small back should you with to travel with it packed.

As per usual every product will have their down side especially for that sort of price, you automatically expect to get what you pay for, but in this case the only issues I had were small things like no carry pouch that I am used to seeing, no noise cancellation, the ear cups had no memory foams and the headband had no soft foam at the top for prolonged use, but as I said those issues went out of the window when I look back at the price paid.


It delivered well to standards offering good bass, no crackling at high volumes; the design is very good and feels durable/solid.  The price point is just spot on for the intended market for example if you want something that sounds and looks nice just like Beats by Dre, why spend over the odds? or if you are starting out as a DJ then you have a bargain here.

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Kitsound Limited Edition DJ Headphones–White   and

KitSound KSDJ DJ Headphones – Black


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