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The dLAN 500 avmini is a 500Mbps powerline adaptor kit from devolo, a well known company for networking kits. Boasting speeds of up to 500Mbps. Review.

by Tomi
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The dLAN 500 avmini  is a 500Mbps powerline adaptor kit from devolo, a well known company for networking kits.  Boasting speeds of up to 500Mbps, the dLAN 500 avmni will solve many solutions for a lot of homes out there; whether you have issues with blackspots of conenction around your home or maybe your wifi router struggles to get signal to your home office at the top floor, this would serve you well.

What’s in the box

  • 2 x dLAN® 500 AVmini adapter
  • 2 x Network cable
  • CD containing software and documentation
  • Hard copy of installation guide
  • 3-year warranty

How it works

Installation is very easy and will simply require you to follow the step by step installation guide; it works by making connection between two adapters plugged into your wall, one of them will be plugged nearby your router via a typical Ethernet cable and the other one receives signal which is then relayed to the zone where the second one is plugged in via a second Ethernet cable as if you were connected directly into your router.

It was fairly easy to setup and connections on my home broadband with Virgin Media at 50Mb means I was able to enjoy fast speeds.   If you have any concerns over security, don’t worry because the solidly built and stylish miniature home plugs also comes with a 128-bit AES hardware encryption making your internet connection very secure.  During use, signal hardly dropped below what I would normally expect and it definitly does what it says on the tin.


It worked very well with low electricity consumption and low carbon footprint.  It also solves a lot of issues especially for someone who lives in a big house with black spots.  The price is a little steep but you can’t put a price on the result.

You can buy the dLAN 500 avmini  from Amazon for around £92

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