Review: SentrySafe SFW123GDF and Giveaway

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Spacious, safe and USB extension is a genius idea. Very safe against water, fire and drop.


USB HDD can be accessed without access code.
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Review: SentrySafe SFW123GDF and Giveaway

by Tomi
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When it comes to securing our valuables and gadgets, most people thinks simply having a secure password or a key that locks the office doors is enough to keep them safe and secure.  This days there are so many security risks to be considered when thinking of keeping out valuable gadgets safe and secure.  You need to think about:

  • Your valuable dropping from heights.
  • Water damage should your house or office get flooded while you are away on holiday.
  • Fire risks.
  • Theft from burglars.

Sometimes we even have data on external storage devices that we would like to keep secure and apart from just encrypting your data, you can keep it in a safe where you do not have to physically remove the HDD in order to access the data on there.  The SFW123GDF is a good example of how those worries can become a thing of the past.

The SFW123GDF is a very functional safe storage unit that ways just over 40 KG and has some great features:


  • ETL verified 15 ft. Drop Test
  • ETL verified for 1 hour fire protection of CDs and DVDs up to 1700° F
  • May be bolted to floor (hardware included)
  • UL Classified 1-hour proven fire protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Stay connected to your protected data via USB 2.0 connection. Keep your hard drive safe, even while in use!
  • ETL Verified water resistance up to 8 inches for 24 hours
  • Dual lock system for better security – Electronic LED lock and security key
  • 4 large 1-inch bolts – 60% bigger than traditional safes
  • Bright, LED interior lighting to make organizing belongings easier
  • A multi-position drawer to enable easy organization
  • Key rack, door tray and door pocket for small, easy-to-misplace items
  • Bolt-down hardware included as an additional bonus

Should in case the video attached does not fully justify what the Sentry Safe looks like, you have a pretty hefty unit that looks the part wherever you have it placed, be it under your office desk or just stand alone, you can easily secure it into place with the screws provided.  Opening the door is a a key lockable tray for any important documents like vehicle documentation, receipts  passports etc and that tray can be moved up and down where you see fit.

sentrysafe swf123gdf

The door itself has 4 1inch bolts that secures it into place, you would have to get something very sharp and powerful with a lot of patience to saw it off if you try to.  You can also set more than one key code to gain entry; just by the hinge are two lights to light up the safe should you be using it in the dark.  With dual lock system, it adds extra security to the unit.  With the spacious interior, you can insert many items as you can fit in, in the video above, I was able to fit in my MacBook Pro 13 inch model.  On the door itself is another pocket to have more documents, place your HDD or hook up your spare keys, for example the second key to your car.


Provided with the package is a cable to access the HDD stored in there, however the only disappointing thing for me is that someone can simply bring their own cable and copy/steal your data stored within, the way around this, is to either encrypt your data or unplug your HDD before closing it which is inconvenient   Maybe SentrySafe can incorporate it with the key code so that you will need to enter code before data access.


So the even great bit, Sentry Safe UK were kind enough to give one this awesome safe to a lucky winner.  How to win:

Follow @SentrySafeUK on Twitter and Tweet this ” Win Sentry Safe SFW123GDF, Follow @SentrySafeUK and RT #SentrySafe”  or click this link to tweet it:

UK Only, and Winner will be picked on the evening/night of Sunday the 17th of February.  NO cash equivalent and editor’s decision is final.

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Wow, fantastic giveaway dude, this would be super cool to own :)