Blackberry removes the “App” in Blackberry App World


With only few days till the unveiling of the most talk about Blackberry OS, the Blackberry 10, Blackberry has announced that they are renaming their Blackberry App World name to just Blackberry World; it may signify how Blackberry will hope to keep everything in one place, secure and make using the new OS as easy as possible.

As the new name suggests  Blackberry made it clear that it the new system will not only include Apps, but will also include music, videos; that is a better way to improve user experience with their new devices due to be unveiled on the 30th of January around the world.  The other reason pointed out by RIM is that the new Blackberry World will allow easy share of anything downloaded or available for download with other users via BBM, Facebook, Twitter and users will even be able to share just by tapping their smartphones together to share apps, music, videos or other entertainment.

You will also be able to manage your inventory via BBM smartphones, Playbook and even via the web; if you do not see any changes as of yet, it can take up to 24 hours for the update to appear.   Stay tuned for more BB10 news.


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