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GadgetsBoy have been running for a couple of years now and over time we have seen fluctuation in traffic and what content has kept users on the site longer than the other. Although readers enjoy content they can consume over a train journey or while having a quick snack we also found that readers that are visual like to see images or chart like content to help emphasise and illustrate what is it the writer is trying to share. Those chart-like images are called Infographic; they offer a walkthrough of the message rather than just texts.

Infographic images also tend to stick to the brain for longer than texts, and because of the simplicity, well some can be complicated to understand, but the ones that are simple have some research behind it, they tend to be well though out. Although I have never created one myself, I have seen so many over on Pinterest and StumbleUpon that I have always wondered how the creators design them.

Infographic Template Bundle

Infographic Template Bundle

If you like me have wondered the same, I found a deal online that offers a bundle of Infography templates to get you started, I have tried and tested Infographic content and they not only draw traffic, they also tend to keep people on site thereby reducing bounce rate and allowing the reader to digest the content better and quicker also. The deal over at Mightydeals offers you over 100+ templates for only $27!, now that is a bargain because whenI started looking into templates I found a single useful one for the price I could have gotten 100+ templates for.

What you get:

  • 35 Unique Infographic Templates: You’ll get 35 unique infographic templates, each available in 3 distinct colour options.
  • 100’s of Infographic Elements: You’ll get hundreds of unique infographic elements like arrows, circles, silhouettes, activities, pie charts, bar graphs, animals, food and tons more usable illustrations.
  • Highly Customizable: Your bundle gets you the templates in 3 different formats: .PSD, .EPS, and .AI file formats.
  • Vector Illustrations: All infographic templates and all their elements are all vector graphics. You can easily scale them up or down in size without losing any quality at all.
  • Great for Any Industry: 35 different infographic templates designed with variety in mind. They’re all generic enough to be usable for just about any industry imaginable!
  • Royalty-Free License: Every template included comes with a royalty free license. That means you’re free to use them on any personal or commercial project you’d like, without the need for any attribution at all.

So there you have it, another awesome Tip of how we build our brand online here at GadgetsBoy, if you are up for the deal don’t forget to check it out and start building your own Infographics and gain more traffic.


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