Can QR codes and NFC Technology replace Printed Business Cards?


Over the recent years, we have seen technology go from strength to strength and technical experts, designers, researchers and programmers are keen and work very hard on daily basis to use Technology to make life as easy and efficient as possible for us humans.  They have not failed in most cases and as long as they exist they will continue to try; it gives hope to man-kind.

Many old school methods we all grew up to learn about can be replaced with modern day technology for example, rather than send a quick text message, tweet or even phone calls (which are a lot quicker), people still use emails, emails have been around for years and no matter how efficient and better a new form of communication is, emails are still in full force.  Sending letters to a family is still in action even though you can send an email instead and they would get it instantly, but we still use letters.


The same argument is now been raised with business cards; with millions of smart phone users, business card printing business is still flourishing.  The likes of NFC chips and NFC compatible smart phones out or even the use of QR codes can even be designed very wee to suit your taste, the question is can they simply replace business cards or are business cards like emails, or letters that no matter what the better way of networking is, it is still the best way perhaps most professional way to get your message across as easy as possible.



Other thought is how you can go wild with your creativity when it comes to designing your business cards; they can be quickly made and delivered within days from website such as Instant Print with prices from £3 for 100 cards, the world is your oyster.  From experience also, it is also ever so easy to advertise, send a message or even combine technologies using a business card, for example include a QR code or embed a NFC chip in your business card in order to get a message across when networking.


In conclusion, I don’t think NFC or QR codes can completely replace business cards, rather than replace them, the best thing is probably integrating them together because they can work together very well harmoniously and when designed and implemented properly, it can make you unforgettable at those networking events.

Over to you, what do you think? can they be integrated? or should business cards be replaced?

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