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MyBizTracker is a free iPhone app that makes it easy for your business to record income and expenses and keep track of every receipt. MyBizTracker is free and works without other Intuit products; developed in line with requirements set out by HMRC to make record-keeping of income and expenses easier.


A first look at Windows Phone 8 flagship device, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC with beats sound system, 8 megapixel camera, 16gb memory no expansion, 1gb RAM, 1.2MP front facing camera and the all new Windows Phone 8 OS. it also packs 1.5 GHz Dual core processor so it can handle all the multitasking.


The highly anticipated Fifa franchise is back; bulldozing its way into our high street stores in the shape of Fifa 13. After thousands of eager fanatics queued in wait for this annual gaming monstrosity; pure footballing magic is ready to be reviewed.


After the release of the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3 and the new addition the Galaxy Note 2, it has always been the talk of the town to find out which handset performs better. Our friends over at Jailbreak Nation gave the Galaxy Note 2 a fair test.


Mikey Shorts is the first game brought to you by BeaverTap Games and is a challenging platform game. If you have ever played games like Super Mario or Pizza Boy then this game will be right up your street.


Dock and set your alarm on your iPod/iPhone for a great start to your day with the retro styled Tick Tock Dock alarm cock speaker system by Edifier.

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