EA reveals 11 new games at E3


EA was the first onto the stage after Microsoft and Peter Moore started the conference off with a warm welcome and announced eleven new titles would be coming from EA to consoles and PC.

The company has been having a lot of bad press lately for SimCity and other failed launches, however with new changes in business model and strategy, we may be seeing a new EA coming back to dominate the video game market. 11201732_3b08b0140c7cacf0521304ac415ba476

First came Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, a new third person shooter developed by Popcap, to go alongside Plants vs Zombies II, the free-to-play strategy game. This was an odd choice for the first reveal and came alongside new Popcap would be bringing Peggle 2 out as well.


Titanfall was shown off again and the small trailer showed a few developers from the team explaining what they were trying to build with the game, which is a new IP for Xbox 360, One and PC. We then got a preview of the gameplay and some mechanics involved while fighting in the world. 11201746_1bc14be4a463a88b206d10ad2e1baf35

Need for Speed: Rivals is the newest racing game by EA and brings back the ‘cops and racers’ battle, with superfast racing and Lamborghini cop cars chasing after on high speed pursuits. EA also announced a new Need for Speed movie staring Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.


Dragon Age: Inquisition was revealed as the next chapter in the Dragon Age series. This time, the gamer must resolve the ongoing conflicts around the fantasy world, forging alliances and destroying factions to bring peace back.


Then was the turn of EA Sports, with their new Ignite Engine, AI on all games will get a lot more real and design mechanics will be more defined with four times as many calculations. The NBA, Madden, FIFA and UFC games have all had small upgrades allowing the gamer to experience true tactics.


Battlefield 4 was shown off at this event, with a full action packed scene utilising the new Commander Mode and showing some boat-fighting. Commander Mode allows someone with a mobile device to help in game, sending rockets and other useful attacks on the enemy.


The last game on the list was Mirrors Edge 2, a follow up from the previous game. Since the first release, the game has gained a huge fan following and it was one of the biggest launches at E3 this year.


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