Facebook announces video for Instagram


Facebook has announced video for Instagram, as a new way to connect and share with friends and followers. The service will now allow people to video up to 15 seconds of footage and then upload to the feed.

While the move has been seen as a way to block Vine’s success, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said video was on the idea board since 2010, but the team decided to do photo and are just now unveiling their video project.

Instagram will work on the app the same way photo does, the user presses the video option on the right side when going to shoot and then can record up to 15 seconds of video.

Editing features include allowing you to delete the previous segment without the whole video, for people who want to take short snapshots or sketches.

The update is now available on iOS and Android, although the processing time for some videos is seen as a little too long. We are sure with optimisation and compression tools it will soon be a quick process.

Instagram videos will show up on the users main feed with photos and there is currently no filter to differentiate content. Videos will start playing automatically, although there are controls to stop the video at any time.

With 130 million users per month, Instagram has to keep pumping out good and exciting updates to keep users interested. Vine currently has about 20 million users and this is growing by the day.



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