Five Must Have Apps to Survive a Stag Do


While it may seem cool in the movies when things get hairy during a stag party, in real life it can ruin the good times for everyone. Even if things don’t go completely crazy, there’s a good chance plans might need to change on the fly. Luckily, smartphones outfitted with the best apps can help keep the party heading in the right direction.

Whether looking for the next pub to crawl to or finding mates who have wandered away from the rest of the pack, these apps simply must be loaded onto the phones of stag do members.

1. Drinking Games  – Before heading out for a night of debauchery, it might be helpful to loosen up by playing some Drinking Games. This app boasts the biggest collection of games on the market, and the games can be played within the app so no cards, dice or other props are necessary.

2. Good Pub Guide  – No matter how good the plans are for a stag do, there may come a time when the group finds itself out and about but in need of another pint. This app provides recommendations and reviews of 4,700 pubs across Britain. It offers a search feature and a pub plotter, along with images and photos of 10,000 pubs.

3. Hailo – Once the group is out on the town but ready to move on to another location, it frequently can be difficult to hail a cab. With the Hailo app, cabs can be called from just about anywhere. It also features the possibility of having payment made automatically and a receipt sent by e-mail.

4. Weather – If there is going to be outdoor activities, it will be very important to have an app that can show what the weather will be like. One of the best is UK Weather Forecast. The app predicts the weather for the morning, afternoon and evening, as well as the probability of sunshine and precipitation. It will also provide the perceived temperature, as well as wind force, wind direction and gust force. This app can let the best man and other mates know whether those outdoor activities will be a go or whether it might be better to hit the pubs early instead.

5. Find My Friends  – It’s almost inevitable that at some point in the night at least one of the boys, maybe even the groom, is going to wander off from the rest of the group. If everyone in the party has downloaded the Find My Friends app, their locations will show up on the mobile devices of others.

Keeping the good times going during a stag do can be greatly aided through the use of these apps on a mobile device. They can provide entertainment before, help find the next pub, hail a cab and track down lost mates.

Simon Phillips is the owner of Touch Logic and works on app design for small businesses and mobile web development.


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