Galaxy Note 3 and LG Optimus G2 to come with 3GB of RAM


Korea newspapers are all talking about the LG Optimus G2 and Galaxy Note 3 coming with 3GB of RAM, a first for smartphones. The 3GB will work hand in hand with the new LTE-advanced support and will offer faster multitasking.

Realistically the only carrier to take advantage of LTE-advanced on a commercial scale right now is SK Telecom, the South Korean carrier. They have said they will carry the Galaxy S4 with LTE-advanced and hope to carry an iPhone soon with the faster LTE.

For users outside of South Korea, the 3GB of RAM will stick but LTE-advanced will likely be turned off, with 3G and LTE for developing areas. Some places like the UK and the US are hoping to get LTE-advanced soon, to further push their 4G efforts.

We expect the Optimus G2 to come before the Galaxy Note 3, possibly arriving in the next month with the same UI skin and some new multitasking features to take advantage of the 3GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Note 3 is set for a September 4 release at IFA 2013, the same place the original Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 were released. It has become a trend for Samsung to release something at the conference in Berlin and it is normally the Note phablet.

Samsung will be working hard on the stylus operation for this smartphone, considering the Sony Xperia Ultra really nails how to type on a large screen and can work with almost any point, including a pencil.

A step from 2GB of RAM to 3GB of RAM is like moving from 2GB to 4GB in the PC world, it is a major difference to how much the PC can really take in at one time, playing YouTube videos and actual movies while typing out an email while a game is playing in the background.


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