Google Nexus 4 gets $100 (£80) price drop as Nexus 5 looms


The Nexus 4 has been one of the most loved Android devices in the past couple of years, with stock Android and $299 (£229) price tag, it was a top-end device at a budget-end price.

LG and Google had a slow start with the Nexus 4, after not having enough stock for the first few months, they finally started shipping when almost all the buzz had gone from the device. It still managed millions of sales, despite not being on carrier services and Google keeping it out of stock almost all the time.

Google has now took $100 (£80) off the original price tag, meaning the Nexus 4 is now $199 (£159) completely off contract. This is an incredible deal for any first time Android buyers or someone just looking for a top-end device without the expensive price tag.

The Nexus 4 is still capable of great performance and the design of the phone still looks great. The phone does have its problems, including the fact there is no LTE on the device, but for people who are still used to 3G we think it will suffice.

With this move to lower the price, we can feel the Nexus 5 or Moto Nexus looming. Google will apparently launch the new Nexus device sometime next month, alongside some other top flagships from Apple and Samsung.

The more exciting news is that the new Nexus will launch alongside Key Lime Pie, the newest update to Android. This update is scheduled to enhance Google service integration, work on the lowest end devices and make any phone have sufficiently more battery life.


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