Google Now for iPhone and iPad Video leaked, coming soon?


Popular and successful feature on most Android device, Google now surfaced on YouTube earlier on today before it was removed from the online video platform, it can still be viewed from other places but it would be joy to iPhone and iPad users who has see it in action before.  Jailbreak tweak is also available, and the jailbreak community already have a taste of Google Now running on iPhone and iPad.

Google Now makes life easier by making your smart device find information just when you need it, such as flight time, how long it would take to reach your destination with traffic taken into consideration, ticket to your favourite concert and much more; it learns more about your lifestyle as you use it more and more.

The legitimacy of the video is unknown, whether it is a good attempt at forgery or a video found in the wild of Google toying with the idea, that remains unknown; of course if it does become a true story, then we will surely have more coverage here.

[Via slashgear]



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