Helios Bars: Handlebars of the future.


It’s pretty regularly that we see something on Kickstarter that should already exist it’s just normally so obvious nobody ever bothered. Kenny Gibbs of Sacramento has stumbled across another of these prized ideas. His weatherproof Helios Bars not only allow cyclists to have lights for left and right turning, but he’s included GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an app to customize the look of the bars thus turning your two wheeled toy into a super bike.

These futuristic bars themselves fit into any type of bike (with the few exceptions where you will need an adapter), and with Kenny’s background in cycling you know you’re getting some good quality metals in the handlebars. So this isn’t some cheap Chinese knockoff. A few cool integrated features include texts to inform the user of it’s location via GPS, this is especially useful if the bike is lost or stolen. Pushing the left and right buttons allows the lights to flash to indicate turning and a speedometer changes the colors of the LED’s to indicate your speed. All this on a 7 hour battery which is charged via a wall plug means you won’t be running out of juice unless you’re going cross country.

The project has been up for 4 days and has hit over the 3/4 mark which indicates we could be seeing this idea very well hitting and going beyon
d it’s $75,000 target and you can get one now for $219 as the early birds disappeared in the first 24 hours. Something this clever shouldn’t be unnoticed and we could be seeing more of this tech in our bikes in the future for sure.


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