IDAPT i4 Universal Multi-Device Charging System – Less Cable Clutter


If you like me have so many gadgets that needs charging ever so often, you would need a big socket extension to have them all plugged in at once, and when you face the dilemma of which one to charge first because you have no space left, you need to start thinking of ways around it.

IDAPT’s i4 model as the name suggests has 3 charging docks on the top for charging 3 devices at a time and 1 USB port on the side for you to charge any generic USB charging cable for example, you could plug in your iPad there whilst charging your iPhone on the main ports which means 4 devices charged simultaneously.  I have used this device before and it has served a great purpose.  The unit had to be updated to support the new iPhone 5 charging pin, the lighting port, hence why IDAPT now sent us this one to try out with our lightening charging connection.

The device has charging bays with a single switch capable of switching the whole unit on/off; you can charge 4 devices at a time on the interchangeable bay.  In the pack you get 6 charging tips by default, tip for:

  • Nokia 2
  • Sony Ericsson 2
  • Samsung 4
  • iPod-iPhone
  • microUSB
  • miniUSB

The IDAPT i4 is one of the few universal charging stations that lives up to its promises, provides a tidy solution to charging so many devices; it is robust, very functional and comes at a decent price also.  It does not take up much spaces and the design will compliment any environment you place it in.


What is also available now since last time we got our previous version is that we can now chose other colours and other designs available:


IDAPT i4 available here:


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