Improving Your Game with a GPS Watch


Technology is making a huge difference to a number of sports, including golf. The invention of watches with built in GPS chips have given golfers the ability to find out more about a course than ever before simply by pushing a few buttons on their watch. As increasing numbers of golfers invest in GPS watches, they are quickly becoming a necessity to compete on the golf course. Today we will share some of our thoughts on why a golf GPS watch should be on your Christmas wish list.

How GPS watches work

GPS watches are watched fitted with GPS chips that are able to communicate with GPS satellites orbiting the Earth, allowing for the location of the watch to be plotted onto a map with pinpoint accuracy. Using this location data, the watch can show maps and other information about the area surrounding the person wearing it.

GPS watches and golf

GPS has been integrated into a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, cars, tablet devices, and more. Unfortunately, these devices can be rather cumbersome to transport and use in certain situations such as playing on a golf course.

GPS watches are ideal for situations like these. They are lightweight, easy to use and can be read easily.

Special GPS watches programmed with information about golf courses can be used to learn a great deal of information about a course. A selection of GPS watches with useful golf features are available to purchase at (

An overview map of the course can be observed making it easier to avoid obstacles such as sand traps and bunkers, and the GPS watch is also able to provide other information such as distance to the green as well as recommendations on which clubs to use to hit a particular shot. Many GPS watches also show other useful information, including wind speed and wind direction.

Tips to make the most of a GPS watch

Most GPS watches provide three distances – the distance to the rear edge of the green, the centre of the green and the front of the green. It’s best to aim for the centre of the green. That way, if the ball is hit too short or too far, it will still land on the green allowing for the ball to be putted in.

The map overview feature found on GPS watches also allow for a game to be planned out in advance before a single stroke is taken. Take the time to examine the course – look at the obstacles, the size of the green and the overall layout of the course. Then, decide on the best plan of attack to reach the hole in the least amount of strokes.

Finally, make sure to calibrate the GPS watch to accurately calculate your shot distances with a particular club. Most GPS watches come packed with a ‘last shot distance’ feature, allowing for accurate readings to be taken detailing the distance the ball is hit with a particular club. This data can then be shown on the map overview, making it easier to decide on the best strategy to employ to tackle the course.


A GPS watch is an invaluable piece of technology that can help to lower the amount of strokes needed to complete a course. By providing accurate information about the layout of a course, a GPS watch makes it easy to calculate the most efficient route through a course allowing for the hole to be reached with the minimum of strokes.



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