Interesting Poll Results about Brits Phone Usage Habits

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·      One in ten of Brits checks their phones 65 times a day and one in 50 an astonishing 200 times a day

·      A fifth of us use our phones to lull us to sleep

·      One in five men admit to ‘throne calls’ – regularly using their phones whilst in the bathroom


They lull us to sleep, they join us in the most intimate of places and they rarely leave our sides.  Research for Asda* indicates that Brits are increasingly attached to their mobile phones.

The Asda study finds that the vast majority (98%) of us own a mobile phone.  One in fifty check their phone at least once every five minutes of the day.  That adds up to a colossal 73,000 “phone moments” per year.


Not surprisingly, the frequency of use is more pronounced in teens, with 60% checking mobiles at least once every 15 minutes.  By contrast, nearly half (48%) of people aged over 60s only pick up their phone when it rings.


The survey also highlights the surprisingly wide range of places where mobile phones are used.  One in five men, for example, admit to regularly making “throne calls” from the bathroom and almost four out of ten people are texting, using social media or calling while watching TV.


Where Brits use their mobile Men Women Average
In a queue or waiting room 37% 43% 41%
Watching TV / films at home 28% 41% 37%
Whilst walking to work 18% 15% 16%
Whilst having trouble sleeping 12% 18% 16%
On the toilet 18% 11% 13%
At parties and weddings 11% 11% 11%
Doing the housework 6% 14% 11%
Queuing in traffic 9% 9% 9%
Whilst having a bath 4% 4% 4%
During intimate moments 1% 0% 1%



David Fletcher, Asda’s phone expert said:  “For most of us, our mobile phone is rarely out of reach.  From waking us up to reminding us about important events, many people rely on their mobile for a lot more than just communicating.  We now take our phones almost everywhere we go – it’s no surprise that they are popping up in more unusual situations.”


He added: “Given the frequency with which we are using our phones these days it’s absolutely critical that we are all on the best tariffs.  Asda has won industry awards for our tariffs and we encourage shoppers to check out our rates on pay as you go and contract connections.  The red phone booth might be disappearing from our streets but it doesn’t mean we’re not making calls – in fact quite the opposite.  Everywhere is a phone booth now – the train, the bathroom, the queue.”


Penelope Overton, a mother of teens from St Albans, said: “On the rare occasions that my daughter is out with me, I’ve been known to ask for a table for three.  She doesn’t find it very funny but her phone is like another lunch guest.  It steals far more of her attention than I usually manage.  Leaving it in her pocket for even half an hour is apparently unthinkable.”


Asda offers a range of industry leading tariffs and handsets which are available in-store and online from

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