Life’s little comparisons, what kind of comparer are you?


We live in a world of comparisons; we tend to compare what we have to what others have more than ever before. It doesn’t just stop at life things like how big is your house compared to how big mine is or how much do you get paid versus how much do I get paid, I have come to realise it happens a lot in the Tech community or just with technology in general.

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After a research from E.ON’s saving energy hub, we see that people tend to compare what smart phone they have compared to what their friends or family have in so many ways; they will compare platforms like Android vs iOS and will go to extreme lengths to prove why their OS is better than the other. Some will compare cars and if they happen to be the same cars, they take it further by comparing the model or extras that came with the car. Some might be a little more relaxed and take inspiration from what others have, for example I’d be more interested in comparing how my neighbours are saving energy rather than what car they drive, because energy saving tips would save the planet and my bank balance.

A survey conducted by energy giants e.on,  found that 50% of their survey were casual comparers, 35% were relaxed observers, a small portion of 3% were crazed competitors, they are the ones you do not want to get in an argument with about what you have versus theirs and 11% were reasonable meaning if they find value in what you show them has to offer they might thing about switching over or just simply accept it. The younger generation are more likely to be in the crazed category in the Tech world whilst the older generation would either be casual or ones to be reasonable.

Another factor is where you come from, the culture around your environment might in fact affect how you react to other comparers or how much of a comparer you are as an individual; the survey shows people from Northern Ireland are more likely to be envious when seeing friend’s new phone compared to the rest of the UK, and that could boil down to things like release dates and maps of products so if the new iPhone 5S does not get to that part of the UK before everyone else, they might feel left out thereby kicking off that feeling of envy.

Other factor would be the sense of having the latest technology as the ones we currently have begin to lack behind alongside the emotional side which include what people around thinks; because we care about what people think of us or what we have we tend to change our piece of tech because a friend calls it old or maybe they ask if you have seen the latest episode of your favourite TV show. Survey shows 1/4 of the people questioned would invest in on-demand streaming and hide their old DVD player if it came under scrutiny from friends.



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