New Nokia DC-18 portable charger has more style than most.


We all have chargers, or at least some of us need a charger for our phones or devices. Most of which are bland and boring. Some of us have portable chargers, some of which have a low capacity, don’t look great and don’t have the kudos to last the year. Nokia’s DC-18 Portable charger doesn’t seem to fill all of those but it sure as hell looks great.

Nokia released this portable charger along side it’s new Asha 501 and the style on both devices is brilliant. The charger itself is powered via USB and it’s 1,720 mAh capacity battery holds roughly the amount of one charger of a phone. This itself is another kick towards not improving original battery life but extending it via the use of a portable device like this one. It’s colourful and has a small LED lit front light to tell the user how much juice is left in it. The small capacity is probably down to the relatively small size, with the DC-18 sizing up at just 57 x 57 x 14.9 mm and weighs 65g.

Nokia DC-18 Portable Charger via: Slashgear

Whilst you could bang on about the looks all day it’s shown in the design that there is a flaw that could be fatal to the device. It’s sleek and cube like shape is interrupted  by the USB cable that protrudes from the top. This little cable is just way too likely to catch onto the inside of the bag it’s in or if it’s caught or knocked against something. It also takes away from the design itself.

Whilst Nokia hasn’t priced the device yet, judging by it’s size and look it should be roughly around the price of a DC-16 which was about £25.99 on release. With all this to come, it makes you wonder if this is the phone industry’s answer to the poor battery life so many of us encounter on a day to day basis.


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