Nokia preparing to unveil Windows 8 tablet in September and phablet in November


Nokia could be preparing to launch a device every month from now till December, if a Nokiapoweruser tipster is correct. The first two devices will be Windows 8 tablet and Lumia phablet.

We have already heard whispers of these two devices, the Nokia tablet has been rumoured for quite a while now, but with no concrete evidence, it is hard to pinpoint what Nokia are planning. The phablet has recently been leaked on the assembly line, but this could be faked and it may not even be the Lumia phablet.

On the tablet side, Nokia is still unsure about whether to pick Windows 8.1 or Windows RT. The former seems the choice right now, with Nokia not ready to put faith behind Windows RT, the same as ASUS and other manufacturers.

Benchmarks on the Nokia tablet show a Snapdragon 800 chip, but this was before the decision to push away from Windows RT. Nokia is tagged on by Microsoft though and they may become the first real adopter of the Windows RT platform, just as they were with Windows Phone 8.

The Lumia phablet is set to be the next line of Lumia smartphones, with the Lumia 1020 sticking as the flagship and the phablet for those who want a larger device. The assembly line leak showed a 6.0-inch smartphone, over a inch bigger than the Lumia 1020.

Nokia’s Windows tablet is set to launch on September and the Lumia phablet in November, with a mystery device waiting on December.


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