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There is one thing getting a camera no matter what level of complexity your camera has, be it a point to shoot camera with hardly no extra settings or a DSLR camera with so many settings to be mindful of if you wish to get the best out of your photography.  One thing I struggled with when I first purchased a DSLR is knowing where to start or even what lenses to purchase to get the best of my DSLR Camera.

Like the saying goes, it is not the camera, it is about the man/woman behind it; this is why The Guardian, a major newspaper is offering its readers and those who has never bought one before, are offering a 84pp guide to photography.  The guide is free with the Saturday paper and will offer some insite into what experts from the Guardian and Observer,  Roger Tooth the Head of Photography do for a living.  In the guide they will show some interactive ways to gain control of you camera so no need to feel intimidate by the settings, your creative side can truly come out.

One thing a bout photography is you never stop learning, but knowing the foundation and the basics, the theory and the reason why certain things are done or certain settings are used is very vital, knowing about lighting as well as various other settings would make taking photos a lot more fun. The paper will be out on the 17th of November and will also involve an award-winning photographer Dan Chung who will be recommending the lastest kit, it does not end there, you’ll also find seven exclusive masterclasses in which their photographers offer invaluable advice and reveal their inspirations. To get you readers involved, each masterclass is accompanied by a readers’ assignment. If you’d like to take part, be sure to pick up a copy of the Guardian and please send your images through to [email protected] and you could win a place on a Guardian photography masterclass. More information about the competition can be found in The Guardian’s free Photography Guide this Saturday , please leave comments letting us know what you think.


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