Photos of Moto X colour range leaked onto the web


It seems a little strange a day after news the Moto X will be customisable, we start to see leaks of the different colours users will be able to choose from for the smartphone.

With the Moto X still Google and Motorola’s little secret sensor-filled project, we are yet to really find out what it is all about. Motorola did post out an ad stating it will be “designed by you” and assembled in the USA, getting patriotic for July 4.

The Moto X will come in a variety of different colours, some sources say there will be close to third different colours with some different materials, like wood, metal and plastic backings.

Motorola will also allow users to carve their own engravings into the Moto X and have their pre-wallpaper shipped with the smartphone, so when they first load up it is already personalised to their taste.

Even though we do not think the Moto X will feature any real customisation, we can see the appeal of having choices with colours and making the phone more personal, although selling it will be harder when your name is engraved into it.

In terms of specs the Moto X may downgrade slightly but make up for it in sensors and intelligence. The Moto X will apparently be able to know where you are, either on the road or in public and will take advantage of this in different ways.

This does seem like a Google way of making a smartphone, skipping the boring internal storage stuff and slapping a goof load of sensors to make the smartphone really personal and responsive.


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