Pioneer launch two extreme sport headphones


Pioneer has launched two new headphones, with a flexible and durable build quality, ideal for the most extreme sports.

Both the SE-D10E STEEZ headphones and the SE-E721 headphones are the ideal exercise accessory for anyone who desires robust headphones, with high quality audio. Built with movement in mind and available in a variety of styles, the two pairs are designed to deliver great sound no matter how extreme your sport is.



Extreme sport lovers will benefit from the “Active Fit” function which introduces a ball joint mechanism, changing the angle of the nozzle to suit different ear shapes resulting in an extremely comfortable and secure fit. In addition, both models have dual coiled cords, allowing a degree of slack, eliminating the risk of dislodgement from the ear as a result of sudden movement and changes in direction. The cord can be tied at the back of the neck for added convenience and to minimise distractions during exercise.

They also produce high quality audio with powerful bass sound courtesy of high performance 9mm speaker units. The sweat-proof design of both units also means that even when working really hard, the headphones will still deliver first-rate sound.

The SE-D10Es use a unique ‘Skull Fit’ design to hook onto the ear, which ensure a comfortable fit, even during intense exercise. Slightly more premium in design than the SE-E721s, the STEEZ headphones also have a fully enclosed dynamic design for superior noise isolation.



Geoff Loveday, product executive at Pioneer, said: “Music and sport go hand in hand now but conventional sports headphones can interfere with a workout, whether they are uncomfortable or fall out regularly. By implementing new technologies and selecting only the best materials, Pioneer has developed a headphone that is ideal for intense sports activities, without compromising on the quality of the audio.”

In addition to high quality audio and robust design build, both headphones come in a selection of colours so that whether in the gym or on a mountain, you look the part. The SE-D10Es come in a stunning gold and black combination as well as white. The SE-E721s come in black and red combination, a black and white combination, as well as black or white options.


Both models are available now.


SE-D10E – RRP: £59.99

SE-E721 – RRP: £39.99


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