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One of the selling point for the Apple iPhone is their ability to print wireless to your AirPrint compatible  printer straight from you iPhone or iPod touch, however this also meant that you would need purchase a printer that supports Apple iOS AirPrint.  For a lot of people who  already have printers at home that can be a little frustrating   Thankfully the xPrintServer Home Edition from Lantronix takes that pain away; you can print to virtually any USB printer or Network printer that you might already own or spend less on a standard USB printer if you are buying a new one.

Lantronix xPrintServer Unboxing and First Look

Design and Setup

xPrintServer Home edition is perfect any home, you need no college degree or be able to set up your own print server providing you have the technical knowledge to do so, all you need is this white box that is just about thesame size as Apple TV but lighter.

The white plastic box measures  just about 4.5” w x 2.4” d x 0.8” h, on the side you have the USB port, the Ethernet port, and power socket and Lantronix logo which is in writing is placed very neatly on the top. The X in the LantroniX is a red status indicator light that flashes to notify user of bad internet connection or incoming print.

Setup is very simple, you have a quick setup guide you can follow or simple connect the power adapter, the USB cable to your printer, and the Ethernet cable to your router and your xPrintServer should start flashing red then to pulsing red once connection is stable /ready, and on your iOS device, it should show up as an “Auto Discovered (USB)” printer.  You can plug it into a wireless router alone if you have a printer that is networked otherwise if you have an older printer then you can use the USB connection also.

Setup also requires a little bit of configuration using the browser-based configuration menu; Windows users will need to download Apple’s Bonjour Printer Wizard in order to get printing started.  The configuration page will also be where you can monitor print jobs just like you would your printer normally.

Lantronix is constantly updating its supported printer list, if your printer is not there you can fill in a form on their website and they can add it on.

Does it work? is it worth it?

It is very well worth it, it makes life so much easier, been able to receive a document on iPad and send it straight to print; it is pretty much instant just like you were connected directly to the printer via USB cable.  xPrintServer Home Edition supports up to eight USB-connected printers at a time, but you will need to get a USB hub to hook them all up at the same time, making it also suitable for home business.  If your current printer can be replaced with one that has built in AirPrint support for under £63.55  then xPrintServer makes no sense, otherwise it is the product you need.



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