Received your Pebble Watch? Here’s what you need to do next..

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What's This?

Pebble Watch smart watch has been one of the biggest success to come out of Kickstarter and it is a testimony to possibilities of crowd funding so if you have a great idea or a great product, first read the Pebble Watch story and check out Kickstarter.

With all the hype around the Pebble, you might have seen images and videos of the Pebble in action, perhaps you wonder so where do I start with my customisations or what do I do next now that I am part of the hype.  So that you do not have to search through the whole World Wide Web, we have put together some tips on what you can possibly do next.

Unbox it in Style:

If you are a geeky person or just want to show off your new Pebble watch you can get hold of you iPhone or Android device and record yourself unboxing the Pebble Watch, after all you paid for it or you backed a really cool project, so why not show the world your new gadget? here’s how we unboxed it:

Start it up, charge it and download Pebble App if you have not already:

You will need to download the Pebble Watch app available in the Apple AppStore if you have and iOS device or Google Play if you own an Android device; you then need to pair it up with your smart phone via Bluetooth. Hopefully the next Pebble would be NFC or WiFi ready for better range and quick pairing.


The App is the only official companion for the Pebble that will allow you to update your Pebble and change watch faces.  Familiarise yourself with the menu, again watch the videos in this article for what the menus are and what they offer.  Android devices offers extra apps for controlling all the notifications available on your smart phone, where as Apple is a little more difficult, with some issues with mail app notifications for now, but we expect a fix in coming updates.

Begin customisations:

– Download watch faces and change watch faces:

Video below will show you just how to download watch faces and add them to your Pebble Watch, once you do the first one you get used to it, you can then add the watch faces webpage to your homescreen to check regularly for latest faces.  If you are a little more ambitious Pebble website also includes some resources to help with creating you own watch faces if you have programming knowledge to do so.

– Get iCarbons Skin:

One great thing you can also do is add an extra touch of carbon fibre to protect your pebble and make it look good at the same time; iCarbons have variety of colours available to buy so you can stand out from the crowd of Pebblers or just simply to have a matching colour with your watch strap.


– Get different watch straps

Just like most watches, you can also get a 22mm strap form the internet or your local watch store, there are so many available out there, browsing amazon alone returns few pages of available straps.  Just be careful with the process of changing the strap or get a professional to do it.

Keep up with new updates and upcoming upgrades to the Pebble by following @pebble or bookmarking GagdetsBoy website and Pebble Website.

Any other customisation or tips missed? let us know in comments below, happy Pebbling.

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  1. In the YouTube-video of the unboxing you said you only had to pay about 20 pounds for it, where did you get this watch? I want it too!

    • wim168 Hi Apology for late reply, I had to pay that at my local post office for delivery taxes not for the watch itself.

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