Should you get a HDTV or High Definition Projector for Gaming?


The way we enjoy our gaming experience over the past few years has changed and this could be due to so many factors. There are now more options and choices out there than there were say 5 years ago.  What has also changed drastically with how quick technology is changing is the price we pay for them.  As of recent times, you can easily get a 32′ LED TV with full HD display for less than £300.

You can even do one better than getting a HD TV for gaming, you can start looking into high definition projectors, yes I know some is reading this thinking are we made of money, but you can pick up a high definition projector for sharp quality visual experience from retailer such as Richer Sounds; using HD Projectors simply means you are not restricted to the size you can go up to in order to play your games.  If you purchase a 32′ TV that is the largest you can go, however HD Projectors can get up to 80′ and beyond providing you have the room for it.

The only downsides to having HD Projector is that you perhaps might not be able to have it as a stand alone system, people you share your TV with might not like watching TV in the dark for when you are not gaming and you might not have a large room enough to display it as wide as you like.  On the bright side, you can get a portable one that makes it easy to travel around with your gaming system or even just for convenience, as you can simply pop them on a stand wherever you like without having to have them mounted.

When thinking of purchasing a high definition projector you need to think of three things,

  • where you will install it,
  • what you will use it for and
  • what is the advantage of it over getting a TV.

Projectors can expand to large sizes without losing picture quality where as some TVs’ starts to lose image quality the bigger they get, and the bigger they get with better quality and specifications, the higher the price begins to rise.  Where you will install it is a must think about, do you have a large room and well ventilated location for the projector?  some heavy duty projectors will make loud noise, and have a need for a well ventilated area so that it doesn’t get hot.  If you will be gaming and watching movies then Projectors are great, they come in all type of shape, size, and specifications depending on your needs so this is probably the least of your worries.

Should you get a HD Projector over a HD TV?

That is a question you will have to answer based on previous discussions above, do you have enough room for it? do you have a partner that might not like watching TV in the dark? what will mainly be using it for?  answer those questions and you will have a clear decision as to what to get.  Either HD TV or HD Projector, just make sure they have full HD support with all the connection port needed for any console you have.

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