Smart Toothbrush with an iPhone App


I have seen sleep monitors, exercise trackers, blood test kits that have an app to derive results on iPhone using an iPhone app, we all also know about smart phones, but now we have a smart toothbrush, when I saw this one I was amazed, it’s only a matter of time till we see more and more gadgets linked to iPhone apps and smart-something.

The Beam Brush is the world’s first smart toothbrush, a manual brush that monitors your oral hygiene habits and reports them to a smartphone app; it helps keep track of your teeth brushing habits in three steps
– Brush your teeth at least twice daily for 2 minutes.
– Sync your brush with your smartphone automatically while using the app, or manually at your convenience.
– Smile as you achieve your brushing goals, earn incentives, and improve your oral hygiene!

The beam brush

It’s useful for dentists and individuals who cares about their teeth.

The app it’self is free to download and easy to navigate and check the results

The beam brush

What do you think? would you buy one? how much would you pay?


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