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I am a big fan of Flipboard, Zite iPhone and Android apps and while they provide good source of news information or even ways to customise the news I read and where they come from I still find one or two things wanting.  The problem with Flipboard is that as time goes by the news seems stale with nothing really new or repeated news because it aggregates them from the same source so for example if I have the verge linked and also follow them on Twitter, it would get the news from the verge twice.

Problem I have with Zite is not really a problem some might say but I really like the app for my news source however it is only available on my smart phone meaning, when I am in the office or environment where phones are not allowed, I can;t aggregate my news the way I like it.

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I got a press release do check out Buzzego, and usually the sceptical me thinks it was another site that will not do what I need, so I still checked it out and first impression was that it was quick and user friendly, you simply pick what you think your character is which in my case “Technology Panda”, they use the Panda character which I also like, only if I could have a Panda as a pet, never mind.

Buzzego is a powerful content discovery engine that finds the best sources of content while using blogs and social networks as an evaluation filter. It then tags the content using complex linguistic-driven algorithms as well as an enormous and ever-growing thematic ontology – so it has content that matches every possible topic, interest and hobby.

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By choosing a particular character or combination of characters, the user instantly receives a personalized feed – pre-tuned to generate all the best content connected to their most probable interests. Our personalization engine then constantly refines the users’ profile based on their reading and sharing habits.

As it is still in beta stage whilst they get feedback from users, only feedback I have is maybe they can include a pull down to refresh system or even an auto refresh so I can get up to date content without hitting refresh button.   I like how you can even search for topics to follow, and share those gems on the web with your followers on Twitter and other places.  When you find content you like, hit the like button so it knows to get you more related news.

Well don’t take my word for it, go check it out:


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