What are THE must have music accessories for summer?


Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any better, news has hit nationwide that the UK is in for yet another heat wave with the mercury set to reach 95F during August. This means that paddling pools will soak more grass, BBQ’s will fill the air with more taste bud watering smells, and neighbours will yet again need to learn to love the music being blasted out until 12 pm by their attached friend.

With so much to celebrate, it’s about time that you got out there with your friends and family, listened to some tunes and kicked back.

To make the most of your bass packed summer here are some of THE must have music accessories.

1. Wireless speakers: HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker


Headphones are fantastic for listening to music by yourself, and your MP3 player / smartphone speakers are fine for sharing the odd video with friends, but for music sharing there really is no better accessory than a wireless speaker. Wireless speakers available from Superfi such as the HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker, which costs around £29.95, will enable you to share your music in a higher quality fashion than your media players puny speakers. Ultra compact and available in a range of colours, this low cost music accessory is perfect for parties and get togethers.

2. Earphones: Grado iGi



Earphones differ from headphones in that the latter goes on top of your ears and the former go in to your ears. Music enthusiasts usually prefer one or the other, and if you’re a fan of compact, great sounding earphones, the Grado iGi are something to check out; these earphones are rated highly amongst reviewers and even What HIFI rated them 5 stars out of 5. Priced at around £99.99 online, these earphones won’t cost you the earth and sound truly wonderful, with popping bass and high treble detail.

3. iPod Docks: JBL Onbeat Micro


The wireless speaker may be more practical for iPhone, iPhone and iPad users, but a dedicated dock is always a good accessory to have as they will also charge your device. The JBL Onbeat Micro is a fantastic, budget friendly dock that will charge your device. Priced at around £59.99 online, this IPod Dock available from Superfi  packs a serious audio punch, and can even be unplugged for ultra portability.

4. Cables: QED Profile J2J 3.5 mm to 3.5mm cable


QED make some of the finest cables for music, and the budget friendly – yet high quality – QED Profile J2J is one such example. This 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable is ideal for portable speakers which do not have Bluetooth, where you’ll be able to connect your media player to a speaker featuring a 3.5mm jack. This high quality cable is also ideal for in-car entertainment, such as for connecting your iPod. Priced at around £12 online, you’ll struggle to find a higher quality cable for less money.


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