Why I’m still sitting on the fence about buying an iPad Mini


I am usually one to go out and purchase any new gadgets before they even come out in some cases and this year I have slowly reduced my yield to that compulsive buying behaviour because, just like brand new cars, gadgets are now turning to that product that loses value as soon as you walk out the shop because a new one is already been made before the one you bought even comes out.  Leaving the financial reasons aside, there are so many alternatives now that you might even struggle to find the USP as to why I should get one over the other.

The iPad Mini I absolutely love the form factor and that is because I had the Google Nexus 7 and since I have decided 7″ is the perfect tablet size, easy to carry around, light weight and also perfect for reading, gaming, movies etc.  So I have been contemplating wether to buy the iPad Mini or save my money and hope they might bring out something else again.

Ok, so why is it so hard to make the leap and just swipe my card?, well the iPad Mini is the first of its kind, so big chances are a new one is already in the making with better features, and some will already know that straight away I am talking about the almighty Retina display.

The current has just a standard display which in comparison to the Nexus 7 or iPad 3 or 4 is not as good on paper anyway but in reality I played with it and seriously, I can’t really fault the display, the Retina Display feature is like buying a two sunglasses one called Ray Bans and the other from China somewhere, do they both protect my eyes from direct sunlight? yes, well probably a bad analogy but that is how I feel.

So maybe you readers can help decide….is it worth? if you own one, what do you think? worth a buy? Leave me a comment below

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  1. I would say it isn’t worth it, I don’t see the point in buying something that has lower specs than the Nexus 7 with a much greater price, and nothing really to add, but that’s just me…

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