Review: I’m Watch – First ever true SmartWatch

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Weight: 70 gr
Height: 52,60 mm
Battery Included: Built-in rechargeable Li-Po 450 mA battery
In the Box: I'm Watch, Manuals, USB to 3.5mm charging cable


Great function and very innovative. Can make life very simple with capability to access all your communications from your wrist.


Battery life is poor and hefty price tag.

Review: I’m Watch – First ever true SmartWatch

by Tomi
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So many manufacturers are ever so quick as of late to attach the word “smart” to their devices but not all of them qualify to be called smart. The few that qualify to be called smart qualify because they outperform the basic level of what they stemmed from e.g. the iPhone is a Smartphone because it performs beyond what a simple mobile phone would do.  I’m Watch is a smartwatch because it has functions far beyond what a regular wrist watch can do functionally (does more than just telling the time and in some cases, the date).

Design and First Look Hands on Video

Apple’s iPod touch is a good example of what a smartwatch could possibly be, especially when it is housed in a watch strap like the likes of Lunatik straps; it would have been a massive success in the smartwatch field if it did more than just display time, play music, or be used for running but Apple are known to have a clear direction on what their devices do and that is what the sole purpose would be rather than a device than can integrate with the iPhone and be an extension of your smartphone on your wrist.

I’m Watch is a good example of what is to come; the design is somewhat bulky on the wrist but thanks to the function you can get over that very swiftly.  The rubber strap is comfortable to wear for prolonged period of time and the uni-body gives off a vibe that it could be water-proof, but it is far from been water-proof, it is actually made that way to discourage users from been tempted to take it apart for any reason.

On the sides of the device, they included one button which is the home button, a 3.5mm audio port which also serves as a charger and data communication port which is quite innovative if you ask me, so many other device makers can take notes; the mesh ont he sides are the speaker and the microphone for taking notes which might make you look a little like you might be an undercover cop if found talking to your wrist in public.  The housing doesn’t feel solid as I would have loved it to be making me feel slightly remorseful of my purchase since I just spent just under £300 and has to wait so long to have it delivered.

The screen is a 1.54” touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×240: the combination of that screen size and screen resolution, you get this clear display and level of brightness is spot on also.  The fluidity in moving across screens, selecting menu options and processor responsiveness is also non to par for such a small iteration of Android OS, it seems that they have gone to deep lengths of thought process to get the I’m Watch in a state that doesn’t leave users with question marks as to why they bought it.

For those who still haven’t got the gist of what the I’m Watch is capable of, it can be tethered with you smartphone like any Android device, iOS device, Windows phone devices, Blackberry devices etc, so long they have the capability to tether via Bluetooth; if they are capable, it would mean you can access your Facebook, Twitter, Phonebook, RSS feeds, take calls , listen to music, get email alerts and more on your smartwatch without getting your handset out of your pocket.  It also supports MAP technology which means if you also have a smartphone with MAP technology, you would be able to read your SMS straight from your wrist.

Besides the hefty price attached to the I’m Watch, you also have just 4GB of storage and some of those used to implement the Android OS which is quite small, considering you can purchase an iPod Nano with bigger memory size for less however most of your music will be streamed from your smartphone so the need for a big size memory might not be needed here.

Going back to the bragging rights of been called the first ever true smartwatch, I am not so sure it can have that title just yet as it is still lacking some basics like bigger RAM (128MB)  or better processor (CPU: IMX233) to efficiently manage the power; the battery would only last for up to 48 hours when used just as a watch, again if that is what you will use it for, you are better off purchasing Mute Watch which is also smart in some sense for less and battery lasts for a week.  It also lacks WiFi connectivity which means you will only be able to connect via Bluetooth in order to use the smart functions which in turn gives you less than a day’s worth of usage on battery power because of Bluetooth connectivity and interval synchronisation with your smarphone would drain the battery.


I’m Watch is just the beginning of what we can expect when it comes to innovation and smart devices, it has taken the makers so long that so much more technology and communication protocols has been released for example NFC, NFC could easily be a good function to add to a smarwatch.  The price also lets it down massively as I would assume that anyone would think more than twice before paying £300 for a watch that will need charging everyday.  It also lacks apps variety, because they have skinned Android OS, they run their market store which doesn’t have much apps available as of yet.  Those negative points to the side, it is still a cool watch for anyone who loves gadgets and technology, the functions implemented are performed very well and very happy with its performance.

Pricing and Availability 

I’m Watch is available in difference types of colours and variety of design tweaks, the version reviewed here is the I’m Watch Alu version and is available from Roobix for £299.95.

Thanks to Roobix one of our sponsors for supplying the review unit.

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