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The Huawei Mate 8 is a big, powerful and very efficient device for those who are on the market for those things combined without a compromised design. When you bring in battery life into the equation of a slim, Android and a device that is capable of running processor intensive apps, you’ll have a bulky device in mind, but no, Huawei have managed to give us a device we actually want, with tiny little qualms here and there. The size of the Mate 8 means it’s not for everyone, but there are some features on there also that makes is very easy to use one handed or even dual screen when you need to. How well did it perform? Read on to found out more about our review:


The Huawei Watch is designed to be part of your look, and part of your life. It pairs with any Android phone and it’s also one of the first watches powered by Android Wear to work with iPhone.

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