Amazon denies reports saying it will launch a free smartphone this year


Rumours of Amazon developing a smartphone have been around the web for a few years, but we still see no sign of the company preparing to launch a device on the already saturated market.

One report said Amazon would launch the smartphone for free and possibly box in a Amazon Prime or Kindle Membership program, where the user gets rewards and free-stuff but also has to paid a direct amount each year to Amazon.

This is the way we see Amazon wanting to do business, considering they forked Android and developed their own applications for the OS, controlling content and sales has always been paramount to Amazon.

According to the new report, Amazon will not launch a smartphone this year and has no plans on launching a free smartphone either. This is upsetting but not surprising, we believe Amazon is still looking at ways to sell their Kindle phone and this “free smartphone” plan may have been one of their tests.

We did see this as a possibility, if anyone was going to make a “free smartphone” it would be Amazon. The company was the first to make a very cheap and well liked tablet and we actually believe this plan would be better suited for the Kindle Fire, possibly selling it for free with a two year subscription to Amazon Prime.

Whatever the case, Amazon will not make a smartphone this year according to the new report, even though we have heard various rumours on the Kindle smartphone since the beginning of 2012. The company will launch three new Kindle Fire tablets sometime this year, hopefully.


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