GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear for Serious Gamers

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What's This?

Quick background info:

What are GUNNARS?
GUNNAR Optiks is a technology company that has pioneered the development of digital performance eyewear.
This highly engineered eyewear gives even the most demanding computer users a profound
visual advantage.

Why do computer users need digital eyewear?
Digital data streams at digital device users all day every day. This viewing of the never-ending stream of digital
information can lower visual performance.

What results can consumers expect from using GUNNAR digital performance eyewear?
• Profound visual advantage
• Sharper, clearer vision
• Reduced glare/reflective light coming from the digital screen
• Increased contrast and resolution
• Increased effectiveness, productivity and performance

“See Faster | Play Better | Live Longer” First thing I noticed on the packaging and I was very eager to open it up and see if it lives up to the hype. When I first heard of this Gunnar glasses was from a song I was listening to then I did some more research and I found out what they were.

So here’s me unboxing it, sorry for plugging power director in the clip:

I’m a serious gamer and I also wear glasses and what I find is that when I’m playing game especially Black Ops for long hours I usually go to bed with red, burning and itchy eyes and I have to take a break which annoys me when I’m just getting warmed up or getting serious. Anyway Gunnar sent me a copy of their Phantom G with Amber tints to try out and I have to say it has lived up to what it says on its packaging. First time I wore it, it felt weird like, have you ever tried on a pair of glasses that doesn’t belong to you and it feels like you’re about to fall over?…yes that feeling, but that doesn’t matter, because the reason for that is that the eyes and brain needed to adjust and conform to the way they should function when you’re stirring at the screen for prolonged period of time. When you’re gaming, it’s hard for you to know the correct distance between you and the TV, even worse now that nearly all of us play with HD screens; what the Gunnar does is make sure your eyes are functioning and viewing your screen at the right distance, which you would notice as soon as you put it on.

To achieve the best results eyes and brain should get some time to acclimatize. It is recommended you wear the glasses 5 to 10 minutes in advance before you start working on a screen. It can take up to two days to acclimatize, when you wear the glasses the first time. The Gunnar-glasses are solely gaming-glasses and optimised to the common distance to the screen. Thereby running around with the glasses could cause a strange feeling or unclear sight. Especially in the first times it is recommended to use the glasses only in front of a screen (at the desk or a portable gaming pad).

Leaving the technicalities aside, things I liked about the Gunnar Advanced gaming eye-wear are:

  • It was light, especially if you normally wear prescription glasses, you will notice that it weighs next to nothing on your face, leaving you to concentrate on your gaming
  • It is very important that if you will wear this at work maybe, that they are stylish and they are very stylish with Gunnar on the frame and amber tints with thin frames.
  • Good for prolonged use;the health of your eyes should be priority for gamers.
  • Flexible frame, means it doesn’t matter the width of your head 🙂
  • Although it’s designed for gaming, you can also use it for PC, portable gaming also ( I haven’t tried driving with it yet, i know some will )
  • When you take it off, you get a refreshed eyes feeling, you know that feeling when you just woke up and it’s all bright and clear.
  • You can wear them with headsets on at the same time and not irritate you.
  • You can get them with prescription lenses.
  • I know some of you will ask “Can I wear GUNNAR digital performance eyewear all day?

    GUNNAR precision frames are designed with one goal in mind – long haul ergonomics. For visual endurance,
    every frame system is engineered for optimal weight, comfort and durability. Most users prefer GUNNAR
    eyewear for computer viewing, however multi-tasking throughout the day is not unusual or harmful.

    How much does the digital eyewear cost?

    GUNNAR Optiks digital eyewear retails from between $99 – $189 in the US.

    If you’re interested in getting one in the UK, leave a comment and i’ll lead you to the right person. If you likes my review, please follow me on twitter @gadgetsboy for more, subscribe to my feeds, like it on Facebook, Thank you. If you don’t, your comments are welcomed below.

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