Moto X to offer colour, engraving and wallpaper customisation


The Moto X is finally closing in on release and we will hopefully see it on August 1, but Motorola is spinning more mystery behind the smartphone, stating it will be “designed by you” and assembled in the US.

We aren’t sure what Motorola mean, but a new report states the phone will have over thirty different colours and materials, so we may see a plastic model, polycarbonate and full metal edition of the phone, to suit different tastes.

The phone will also come with engravings on, the same as what Apple offers with the iPhone and iPad. This is a first for an Android phone and is all about connecting the phone closer with the user.

It will also come with a custom wallpaper when shipped, if the user submits a photo. This means the phone will be pre-booted for users and can be launched as soon as it is out the box.

The big news about the Moto X is Google’s work on sensors and making sure the smartphone understands where the user is, either in a car or in a noisy place, and it will change volume and other settings automatically to adjust.

Android 4.3 will be coming on the Moto X phone, we believe. There is still no word from Google about the next update and we are hoping to see Key Lime Pie before the end of the year.


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