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Whether you run a business, self employed or you work for a firm where you have to be accountable for your expenses before you can claim them back, you might find it challenging to keep track of you receipts  and in some cases even lose receipts of your fuel costs or even that business lunch you had.  I am guilty of losing my receipts and I have tried in the past to find a good app to keep track of them digitally so I never have to worry about losing them again or trying to remember what I bought yesterday.

MyBizTracker is a free iPhone app that makes it easy for your business to record income and expenses and keep track of every receipt.  MyBizTracker from Intuit the makers of QuickBooks accounting software is free and has been developed in line with requirements set out by HMRC to make record-keeping of income and expenses easier.

What can you do with MyBizTracker?

  • Record income and expenses,
  • Never lose another receipt,
  • Overview of your financial status.

MyBizTracker is very intelligent and intuitive to help you grow your business financially; one of the rules running your own business if making sure you complete tax returns and other essential paperwork required by the HMRC in the UK; MyBizTracker will let you know when your Self Assessment tax return is due and warn if you’re approaching the VAT registration threshold.  What I also liked about MyBizTracker is how it allows the export of data in csv format, which means you can then create charts or if needs be send it to your finance department for payment on expenses or audits.  If you ever need to get rid your iPhone, there is also a clear data button for deleting anything you have stored.

Ultimately the app is ever so easy to use and even better, it is free to download.


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