Nokia Lumia 928 is confirmed with Carl Zeiss Lens and Pureview


Nokia, after a few days of extra speculation after a Billboard was spotted with their new phone on it, has finally confirmed the new lumia. The billboard acknowledges the ‘best low-light smartphone camera’ and little else is given away. Whilst the board itself wasn’t really very well located it was yet to be believed for sure until finally Nokia has a 2 page spread dedicated to their new phone the Lumia 928 in Vanity Fair.

Lumia 928 Vanity Faire

Lumia 928 Vanity Faire

What we know so far if we take on board the billboard is that this new phone will have Windows Phone 8 OS, a Carl Zeiss lens, Nokia’s OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) and Pureview but little else is revealed. Their tag line reads:

Capture the Highlights: EVEN IN LOW LIGHT. Nokia exclusive PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization and high-end Carl Zeiss lens lets you capture and share amazing blur-free photos and videos even in low light conditions.

Nokia have had this phone pretty under wraps but they really going for it on the Low light front and showing it off to their full extent whilst we’re yet to see any proof of it’s workings. Nokia have had this under wraps for a while but it’s exciting to see the new camera and tech in action, we just hope that it’s just as colourful as it’s predecessor.

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

The Lumia 928 is expected to be announced on May 14th at Nokia’s event in London which we will be attending.


Nokia released some comparison video comparing the camera ont he Lumia 928 with that of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.  The US website is now also updated with an image; the Lumia 928 somewhat looks like the same design seen on that of the Xperia Z.


Source: Nokia

via: Engadget


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