Noxgear Tracer360, a must have for cyclists

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I am not an avid cyclist, but I have read a lot of horror stories about cyclists who were injured due to poor visibility and rather than point it out from a cyclist’s point of view, I decided that it would be great to speak from a car driver’s perspective.  I have been on both sides to be able to recommend a product that would offer extra safety for cyclists, especially in the UK where it gets dark very early during winter.

The Noxgear Tracer360 is a safety wearable tool that allows you as a rider to be fully visible in the dark; it offers extra illumination through battery powered lighting that means you will be visible to other road users at all times.  The Tracer360 lights are made from fiber-optic integrated into a safety vest style wearable.  The Tracer360 is made of highly reflective and visible materials and contains several multi-color, 360-degree illumination modes that pop, blink and burst to alert even the most distracted driver.


  •     Low Profile, Integrated Battery and Electronics Enclosure
  •     Super Bright CREE LEDs
  •     Solid Core, Super Side Light Fiber Optic CableFlexible    Heat and Electricity Free
  •     High Efficiency
  •     Solid Optical Gel Core
  •     All Weather / Season Design – Wear with T-shirt or Jacket
  •     Operates on (3) AAA batteries (Included) with Easy-access Door
  •     Up to 40 hours battery life
  •     Noxgear’s Unique Always Bright Electronics
  •     LED-blink Battery Notification on Start-up and Power Down
  •     High Quality, Durable and Chaff-free Elastic Belt Material
  •     Recessed Power/Mode Button to Prevent Inadvertent Activation
  •     Sweat Resistant, Breathable and Comfortable Design Using High Quality Sports Mesh
  •     Front Quick-Clip Buckle for Easy On and Off
  •     Minimal Fabric-to-Body Contact – Won’t Trap Sweat
  •     Water Resistant Design

To get started, it is very easy to put on; you simply wear it like a jacket and match the clip in front together so that it snuggly fits.  You can also adjust the straps on the side.  Turning the light on is also easy, with the push of the power button, you can cycle through the illumination modes that suits the situation you are in.  The battery back also has the battery indicator light embedded so that if you see green pulses, it means you have good battery levels, yellow signifies less than one hour left and flashing red signifies battery insufficient and its time to replace the battery.

Besides the real need for the Tracer360, its only let down is the battery life; 40 hours is long enough, however not many people would like to change battery every 2 days, perhaps the way round it would be to provide rechargeable batteries at the point of purchase.

For more information on pricing and availability, visit Limitless outdoors.

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