Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may come with unbreakable flexible display


According to a rumour by Korean website Asiae the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be coming with the flexible display the South Korean electronics giant was showing off at CES 2013. The company has yet to add this to any device, and the large Galaxy Note is said to be the first.

The website has apparently spoken to “industry sources”, although we have heard this time and time again with rumours and leaks that turn out to be nothing. The unnamed sources were unable to provide any further information about the smartphone specs.

We have heard many ranges on the size, some say Samsung will play it say with a 5.5-inch display, the same as the Galaxy Note 2, while others believe Samsung will go all out on a 6.3-inch phone to give users the full “phablet” experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Impressively, the flexible plastic display will be almost indestructible, allowing you to drop it wherever you please. We believe that this will also be fully waterproof and dustproof, although the touch form factor smartphones have will disappear.

This rumour has got some sting to it, we do know Samsung are planning three flagship devices this year, the Galaxy S4, the Tizen phone and the Galaxy Note 3, and we can assume they are working on bringing flexible displays to the mainstream, before Apple or some other phone company do.

Sadly, we cannot see the truth in these “industry sources”, the Korean article doesn’t even detail how they got in contact, etc. We believe this is just another hype builder, as the Galaxy Note 3 gets closer to launch.

Speaking of release date, there have been rumours the Galaxy Note 3 will come as soon as June, but many have put their bets on an August/September release, to fit in line with IFA 2013, an event Samsung are likely to turn up to.

Source: TechRadar


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