The Mobile Library – Mobile Downloads Safety Tips


PDFs are the modern day equivalent of library books, with most reputable information sites offering the option to download further information. With copious office apps available on the Android and Apple Market to ensure that users are able to read on the go, there is very little that can’t be achieved or found out about online.

From recipe books to dating guides, sports data to medical law claim information packs, it’s not a case of how accessible all this data is, but how reputable it really is. With more than half a billion websites online, information can easily suffer from the Chinese Whispers effect as truth becomes fiction and fiction becomes a franchise. The level of trust that users place in the hands of webmasters is frightening, assuming that Facebook is as safe as a bank vault with their personal information, are we all like Little Red Riding Hood in online naivety?

Make sure that sites visited carry a trusted certificate and if an anti virus program has lots of pop up warnings, it’s best not to turn them off as an annoyance and be aware that Spyware is rife on Windows operating platforms. Regularly change passwords and try to use variations across sites where logins are frequently required to avoid any possible phishing threat. On mobile devices, check some reviews before installing an app. Free doesn’t always mean it costs nothing! Stick to reputable brands and try not to be too influenced by Google Ads and Facebook suggestions. Regularly clear out a browser cache and the recent history as this can strongly influence Google Ads and Facebook advertising. Carbon footprints may be destructive to the environment, but cyber footprints can be even more so to your reputation.


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