Top 10 lifelong goals – What is in your bucket-list?

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Over half of the UK has a ‘bucket-list’ of lifelong goals, whether it’s to row across the ocean or simply learn how to cook dinner for two without setting the kitchen on fire, but chasing them isn’t always so easy.  To better understand what powers the people of the UK to pursue their dreams, Duracell carried out a nationwide survey – discovering that only 4% of Brits have achieved their bucket-list goals.

Here are some other interesting findings from our nationwide survey on lifelong goals and bucket lists:

  • 98% of people find it difficult to pursue and achieve their goals
  • Money (71%), time (44%) and motivation (19%) are cited as the biggest factors that prevent people pursuing their bucket list of goals
  • It would appear that financial pressures affect women more than men, with almost ¾ of women stating it as a reason for not chasing their lifelong goals as opposed to just over half of men questioned

 The nation’s top 10 lifelong goals are ranked as follows:

  1. World Travel (30%)
  2. Live in a different country (12%)
  3. Learn another language (11%)
  4. Start their own business (10%)
  5. Take part in an adrenalin sport (8%)
  6. Run a marathon, duathlon or triathlon (6%)
  7. Learn to play a musical instrument (4%)
  8. Be an extra in a film (3%)
  9. Become famous (3%)
  10. Drive a race car (2%)
  • Travelling the world is more important to women than settling down and getting married
  • The over 45s are more adventurous than their younger counterparts, with 20% saying that they chase their goals in order to seek thrills, almost twice as many as those aged 25 – 34
  • Two thirds of Brits say that having more support from friends & family would help them achieve their bucket list of goals.

Besides learning a new language, one of my life long goals was to be able to Ski or Snowboard, take a trip to the South of France and enjoy thrilling experience; this is why I will be heading to my local snow-dome for a crash course on how to snowboard, Stay tuned.

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