What will the iPhone 5S have to do to impress?


Once upon a time, Apple could pop out an iPhone release secure in the knowledge that it’d be a sure-fire hit, thanks to the company’s legions of devoted fans and a notable lack of any real alternatives. Things have changed, however, and some of the latest Android phones can more than match the iPhone’s capabilities – in fact, a recent report from research firm IDC found that Android now has a bigger share of the smartphone market than Apple.

One of the biggest reasons for Android’s success is that it’s manufacturer-friendly: the software is free for smartphone makers to carry it on their devices, so companies like Samsung, Lenovo and ZTE can make hardware that rivals iPhone capabilities and sell it at a lower price from outlets like E2Save.

All this means that the iPhone 5S, expected to be officially announced next month, could have to pull something really special out of the bag if it wants to regain lost ground. Let’s take a look at the expected features of the phone and how they measure up:


Widely expected to be 13MP, which would bring it in line with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Sony Xperia Z. However, some leaked photos suggest the 5S will pack a dual LED flash, which would substantially improve picture quality for indoor shots.


The iPhone 5S is rumoured to feature a Super HD, 1080p screen display and – possibly – twice the screen resolution of the iPhone 5, which would give it a pixel count of 1.5 million. It’s also been suggested that the 5S could come in two different handset sizes to help it compete with Android phones.


Apple is expected to at least use the A6X chip currently found in the latest iPad for the 5S, although there have been suggestions that the processor could be even more advanced. Given the legal rivalry with Samsung, it’s unlikely you’ll see a Samsung- developed processor in the 5S, although an Intel chip isn’t out of the question.


Price is still king in the smartphone world, and if Apple really wants to compete with the likes of Sony and Samsung it’s going to have to do something about the cost. Many rumours have suggested that a budget model could be on the cards, with a four-inch screen and a plastic chassis: whether this’ll be an iteration of the 5S or a separate product altogether remains to be seen.

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