Feature Review: Lexar PLAY microSDXC cards for Nintendo Switch

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Targeting Nintendo Switch owners primarily, the Lexar PLAY microSDXC UHS-I cards promise fast read speeds for quick app loading and smooth file transfer. But in a crowded market, how does this range of microSD cards perform?

Design and build

The packaging is eye catching and clearly draws on the playful aesthetics synonymous with the Nintendo brand. The cards are bright red, which helps to avoid confusing them with your other cards if – like us – you have multiple microSD cards for different devices. The white righting and play symbol also aid in this regard, making it easy to see at a glance which card is in use. The underside reveals eight contact pins, as standard. The specific serial number of the card and regulatory information is also written here.

Available in a range of sizes; 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, the Lexar PLAY microSD cards offer capacities to suit every use case. If you just want to store some extra content, such as videos and music, the lower capacity cards will suit just fine. However, more demanding gamers will enjoy the 512GB and 1TB capacity cards, which offer plenty of space for downloaded games and entertainment.

Although these cards are aimed at Nintendo Switch owners, they’re also perfectly compatible with phones and tablets with microSD expansion slots too.


Installing the microSD cards into the Nintendo Switch is straightforward. You just need to lift the rear door on the back of the console and push the card all the way in until you feel a little click. That’s the card locking into position. Removing it, you have to push it in and then it pops out. Some mechanisms of this kind tend to shoot the card out of the slot, which can be really frustrating. But there’s no such issues with the Switch’s spring loaded card slot mechanism.

Once you’ve downloaded and saved your games, music, videos, photos or books to the Lexar PLAY microSD you will be able to enjoy read speeds of up to 150MB/s on average. Our speed test showed the card consistently hitting 149.1MB/s read during 2MB sequential testing.

For best performance transferring data from the card to your computer, we would recommend using the Lexar multi-card 2-IN-1 high speed USB 3.1 card reader. It’s a clever design, as it allows you to access and transfer files to a full size SD and microSD card via computer at the same time. 

The Nintendo Switch may ask you to format the microSD card when you put it in for the first time. If it does, this takes a couple of seconds and the card is ready to go. Performance is as you would expect, 150MB/s read speeds means quick loading times, whatever content you’re enjoying on the Switch.


The Lexar PLAY range of microSDXC cards offer a great range of storage capacities and offer consistently great read speeds of around 150MB/s. Considering the performance, the Lexar PLAY cards are competitively priced with the top tier 1TB microSDXC UHS-I card comes in at around £180. But during Amazon Gaming week, it’s got a nice 20% discount. This brings the 1TB card down to £146.86. While the 512GB can be picked up for only £70.10 and the 256GB is £31.01 with the 20% promotional discount. Lexar also offers a 5-year limited warranty, which is great for peace of mind.

There’s not a huge amount to choose between cards at the mid-tier level, but we particularly like the design and consistency of these cards. For seamless entertainment in great capacities at an affordable price, it’s hard to look beyond the Lexar PLAY microSD cards.

Lexar PLAY price and availability

To see the range and pick up your very own Lexar PLAY microSDXC cards, you can click here for special prices during Amazon Gaming Week.

Lexar PLAY microSDXC Specs

Capacities – 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Interface – UHS-I

Speed Class 

– 128GB – Class 10, U1, V10, A1

– 256GB – Class 10, U3, V30, A1

– 512GB, 1TB – Class 10, U3, V30, A2

Operating temp

  • 0°-70°

Storage temp

  • -25° to 85°

Humidity – 25% to 90%

Warranty – 5-year limited warranty

This post is part of a paid promotion during Amazon Gaming Week

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